September Meeting Minutes

Meeting started at 7:07 PM on 09/13/17



Chad, Mindy, John, Rosa, Mary, Ken, Lizzie, Lynn, Cindy, Bob, Kristin, Jacob, Noah, Wayne, Ron, Chris, Jessica, Matt, Dusty, and Kim were in attendance.


Ayva accompanied Kim.

Meeting Minutes

Mary made a motion to approve July minutes as published, Ken seconded the motion and the motion carried.
August Minutes were read, John made a motion to accept minutes as read, Rosa seconded and the motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s Report was approved as read.




Nothing to report



Nothing to report

Social Media:

Facebook has 1017 likes, an increase of 32 over last month and a 4.7 star rating.

Instagram has 55 followers, an increase of 7 over last month

Twitter has 16 followers, an increase of 7 over last month

YouTube and Google+ are still under construction.


Magazines were available for checkout



Vendors are asking to reserve space.  We will be taking reservations in December.


Postcards will be sent out at the end of the month
Discussed having a buffet brought out at noon instead of everyone ordering lunch

We discussed going back to 15 dry goods per member instead of 10.  The group decided to give it until at least after the next auction to decide anything. 

Surrender Event

The people at the Fox/Wolf Watershed Alliance designed an ad for us to use in the OCT edition of Amazonas Magazine.  John blew it up and printed it to use as a poster for the Surrender Event and Auction. 


No changes

Field Trips:

Past Trips

Fragstock was a great time.  The venue lost the gift certificate that we sent so John had to hastily make one on the spot.  It wound up being used for the door prize raffle. 

Upcoming Trips

Cat-a-Clysm is coming up on September 22nd through the 24th.   Wayne made a motion to go to Cat-A-Clysm on a field trip, Noah seconded and the motion carried.  John is going to the auction on the 24th.  If anyone wants to ride along, contact him.

GCCA is coming up on October 1st

MAS Auction is on the 22nd of October

Aquatic Experience is on November 3rd through the 5th

Surrender Network:

No report available.


John had a program demonstrating how to set up an aquarium at the Kaukauna Public Library.  Mindy made a motion to reimburse John for the cost of the tank, Noah seconded and the motion passed.
Wayne is moving the tank into school next week.

Mark can no longer maintain the aquarium at the Brown County Library, Noah volunteered to help with this. 

Group Buy:

Next month’s group buy will be through That Pet Place, an email will be sent to members with the details as the time grows closer. 






Rosa was nominated and accepted the nomination for Secretary

Jessica was nominated and accepted the nomination for Treasurer

Ken was nominated and accepted the nomination for Vice President

John was nominated and accepted the nomination for President

Old Business:

Parade of Tanks 

John will send out a reminder email to meet at the Moyles house at noon on 9/17/17.  From there we will go to Scott’s, Noah’s and AJ’s.  Members that go on the whole tour will then be encouraged to vote on their favorite saltwater and freshwater tank.

Dyed Fish Campaign

John has developed a pledge letter and poster for Pet Shops.  He is working on informational materials and articles.

Zoo Admission

John thought it would be a good idea to send Henry Vilas Zoo a donation based on their suggested “admission” of $2 a person.  Mary made a motion to send them a check for $50, Cindy seconded the motion and the motion carried. 

New Business:

Aquarium at Rockport Harbor

The Aquarium at Rockport Harbor was totally destroyed during hurricane Harvey.  They are a small non-profit educational facility in TX.  John said they were like “a nature center for the sea” and he would like the club to send them a donation to help them rebuild.  After much discussion, John made a motion to send them a card and a check for $400.00, Matt seconded and the motion passed. 

Ladies Frag Swap Table

We decided to pass on the offer of another table at the Ladies Frag Swap.

Meeting Refreshments

After much discussion we decided that, starting in November, it would be wise for the club to pick up pizza for the meetings and for members to bring their own beverages.  Mary made a motion to reimburse Rosa for this night’s pizza, Bob seconded it and it passed.

Amazonas Subscription

John noticed a lack of decent aquarium related materials at public libraries and would like to donate a subscription to Amazonas Magazine to Kaukauna Public Library on the condition that it be placed in their catalog for check out.  Mindy made a motion that we do so, Lynn seconded it and the motion passed.




Open Forum

Noah and Dan went to visit Eric N and Steve S’s fishroom

We discussed having another forum

We discussed the new pet store opening in Oshkosh

Door Prize

Noah won some freeze dried krill

Breeder of the Quarter

Noah won a gift card to Just Pets


Mini Auction

John submitted mystery snails, common guppies, cherry shrimp and trumpet-leaf.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:58pm

The next meeting is at Bob and Marge’s House.  This will be a pot-luck and they are providing the main dish.