Green Bay Aquarium Society Standing Rules



Standing rules are items of a semi-permanent nature that have been duly voted on and passed by the membership, but are not deemed a permanent part of the By-Laws.



1.       Membership Dues

a.       Annual dues are payable in October.

b.      Dues are $12 per year for individuals, $18 for couples (or pairs), and $24 for families.

c.       Dues for new members who join after October will be prorated.


2.       Meetings

a.       Meetings are usually held the second Wednesday evening of each month.

b.      When meetings are held in members’ homes, hosts are reimbursed $40 to help pay for refreshments.

c.       The meeting host chooses what refreshments to serve.  Hosts are encouraged to serve a meal or hearty snack, plus beverages.


3.       Door prizes

a.       A drawing for a door prize is held at each regular meeting.

b.      Members attending a meeting are eligible to win the drawing provided they have not yet won that year (October 1 – September 30), unless all members present have already won, in which case all are eligible.

c.       Non-member guests are not eligible to win door prizes.

d.      A member must be present at the meeting to have a chance to win the drawing.

e.      Door prizes are usually $15 gift cards to various businesses or gift packs worth $20.

f.        The secretary handles the drawing.

g.       The treasurer purchases the gift cards and brings several to each meeting.  The auction chair makes up gift packs from donated items.


4.       Fun Money

a.       Members earn Fun Money by participating in club activities.

b.      Members earn Fun Money as follows:

                                             i.            $1 for each meeting they attend.

                                           ii.            An additional $1 per month for serving as a club officer.

                                          iii.            $5 for helping to set up the spring or fall auction or a club swap meet, if not on the day of the event.

                                         iv.            $10 for working at the spring or fall auction or a club swap meet.

                                           v.            $3 per month for maintaining the aquarium at the Brown County Library.

                                         vi.            $10 per auction or swap meet for serving as chairperson of the committee.

                                        vii.            Other amounts as determined by the club.

c.       Fun Money is earned from March (or whatever month the spring auction is in) through February (or the month before the spring auction).

d.      Fun Money does not roll over, and must be spent at the spring auction or lost.

e.      Fun Money may be used like real money to purchase anything at the spring auction.

f.        A club member will be designated to keep track of members’ Fun Money throughout the year.

g.       Only those who are club members at the time of the spring auction can receive Fun Money.

h.      Fun Money is dispersed per membership category, not per individual.


5.       Club Shirts

a.       The club will give each member one shirt with the club logo, at a time to be decided at a club meeting, generally prior to the spring or fall auction.

b.      Members are expected to wear their shirts at the spring and fall auctions, at club swap meets, on field trips, and on other club outings.

c.       Members who want additional/replacement shirts must pay for them when they are ordered.


6.       BAP Auctions

a.       Fry, plants, etc. brought to club meetings for the purpose of earning BAP, HAP, or CAP points will be auctioned off, with proceeds going into the club treasury.

b.      Members may withhold one bag of fry / plant / coral per year from being auctioned.


7.       Field Trips

a.       The club may vote to designate any outing as a club field trip if at least four members plan to attend.

b.      The club will pay for gas used by members to attend field trips provided at least four members attend; members are expected to carpool as much as possible.


8.       Spring and Fall Auctions

a.       Members are encouraged to help set up the auctions, as well as to work as runners or at other jobs as requested by the auction chairman.

b.      Unlike non-members, a member may sell up to 10 hard goods at each auction.

c.       Each member is entitled to two free priority tags per auction.

d.      When an item is sold at the auction, if the seller is a club member who has attended at least seven of the last 12 meetings, the seller will be paid 80% of the selling price.  For example, if an item sells for $2, the member-seller receives $1.60 and the club keeps $0.40.

e.      If the seller is not a club member or has attended fewer than seven of the last 12 meetings, the seller will be paid 80% of (the selling price - $1).  For example, if an item sells for $2, the seller receives $0.80 and the club keeps $1.20.

f.        Auctioneers’ individual membership dues are waived, and auctioneers receive proceeds from their auction sales as if they had attended at least seven of the last 12 meetings.

g.       The club will provide one or more free meals to members working at the auction.


9.       Annual Picnic

a.       A picnic is held each summer for club members and their families.

b.      The picnic is usually held in August, at a place and time chosen by members.

c.       The club provides food and beverages at the picnic, and may cover other expenses such as gas and admission fees.

d.      In order to receive full club benefits for the picnic, a member must have completed 10 hours of service to the club in the past 12 months.  Meeting attendance counts as one hour of service.  Working at an auction or swap meet counts as eight hours.

e.      No door prize will be awarded at the picnic.


10.   Group Buys

a.       The Group Buys Committee will periodically select a merchant from whom to order, and inform club members of the deadline for ordering and expected delivery date.

b.      Members must pay for their merchandise before the order is placed.

c.       If at least four households participate, the club will cover the shipping costs, if any.

d.      The merchant’s DOA and refund policy will be followed.  Refunds will not be distributed until credited by the merchant.



Last updated July 2017