Pseudotropheus Zebra "Orange Blotched"

By Marty & Anita Meyer


We obtained our OBs from the GBAS auction and a friend of ours.  We kept them in a 55 gallon tank with an undergravel filter with two 660 power heads and a Penguin 300.  We had 3 males and 2 females.  The fish ranged in size from 3 to 5.  Some of them were black blotched and some had white blotches.  We kept the females in the same tank until about 2 weeks before she spit them.  When we moved her to a 10 gallon tank, she spit 36 fry and then jumped out of the tank.  I think if I had that many children at once I would jump too.  With only one female left there was a lot of fighting among the males so we sold them.