June Meeting Minutes

Meeting started at 7:20 PM on 06/14/17



Mary, John, Rosa, Cindy, Lizzy, Lynn, Matt, Jessica, Travis, Mindy, Ken.



Meeting Minutes

Ken made a motion to approve minutes as read, John seconded and the motion was carried.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s Report was approved as read.




We introduced ourselves to Jacob, a guest that has freshwater tanks. 
Membership and attendance are way up over previous years. 
The roster was emailed out, please make sure your information is up to date.



Updated BAP form on the website. 
We need to renew the web hosting soon.

Social Media:

Facebook has 965 likes, an increase of 10 over last month and a 4.7 star rating.

Instagram has 9 followers.

Twitter has 2 followers.

YouTube and Google+ are still under construction.


New magazines were distributed.


No report available

Field Trips:

Past Trips

GCCA Swap Meet was on 5/21/17.  The club members that went had a great time.

Ladies Frag Club Swap was on the 11th of June.  The club members that went had a great time.

Upcoming Trips


Surrender Network:

Nothing new to report



Nothing to report.


We need to get runner slips.

Surrender Event

Nothing to report.



Nothing to report.

Group Buy:

Next month’s group buy will be through Tampa Aquaculture, an email will be sent to members with the details as the time grows closer. 

Old Business:

Summer Picnic

We discussed some options for the Summer Picnic:

·         Wisconsin Dells Ducks

·         DeYoung Family Zoo

·         Henry Vilas Zoo

We voted by a show of hands on our options and Henry Vilas Zoo had the most support.   Rosa made a motion that we go to the Henry Vilas Zoo on August 6th.  Travis seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Parade of Tanks 

More will be announced as we draw closer.

New Business:

Standing Rules

Mary updated the Standing Rules to reflect current practices.

Aquatic Experience

John made a motion that we get a table at the Aquatic Experience, Matt seconded the motion and the motion carried.  Volunteer information will be distributed as it is announced.

Give Aways

John made a motion to give a special give away at this meeting, Rosa seconded it and the motion carried. 
We gave a digital thermometer provided by Kollercraft to each person in attendance.  We might carry this tradition on in summer months to boost participation at meetings.

Open Forum

John talked about the practice of artificially dyeing, painting, or tattooing fish and how it was harmful for the fish and only temporary.  John is looking into starting a pledge campaign in N.E.W. where local businesses can pledge to stop selling artificially colored fish. 

There was a post online saying that alleges that a GBAS member was seen photographing a former member’s home.  The members assembled felt that there was no reason for anyone to photograph anyone’s home and recommend avoiding doing so. 

Door Prize

Lizzie won

Mini Auction

Nothing was auctioned


Meeting was adjourned at 8:14pm

The next meeting is at 1000 Islands Environmental Center.  Rosa will bring the main dish.