March Meeting Minutes

Meeting started at 7:00 PM on 03/08/17



Chad, Wayne, Lon, Vicki, Ken, Mary, Rosa, Jessica, John, Robbie, Mark, AJ, Mindy, Cindy, Lynn, Lizzie, Kristin, Bob, Travis, Dusty and son, Noah, and Pheng were in attendance


No guests

Meeting Minutes

There was a correction to the minutes.  It was recorded that Kim was in attendance twice, this was not the case and the date of the Pet Expo was listed as March of 2027 instead of 2017

John made a motion to approve minutes as corrected, Mary seconded and the motion was carried.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s Report was approved as read.




No changes.


922 Likes on Facebook which is an increase of 104 over last month.  4.7 Star Rating

John made a motion to have a Facebook “Like and Share” contest to celebrate our 1000th “Page Like”.  John will develop a picture with the contest rules.  One would simply have to “Like and Share” the post and a winner (from only those that shared) will be randomly selected to win a $25 gift certificate to our Fall Auction.  AJ seconded the motion and the motion carried.


New magazines were distributed.


No report available

Field Trips:

Upcoming Trips

TCMAS is holding a swap meet on April 29th.  AJ made a motion to go there on a field trip, John seconded the motion and the motion carried.

GCCA Swap Meet is on 5/21/17 John made a motion to go there on a field trip, Travis seconded the motion and the motion carried.

We have been invited to set up a table at the Lady’s Frag Swap on June 11th in Sturgis Michigan was omitted.  John made a motion to set up a table at the Ladies Frag Club Swap, Travis seconded and the motion passed.

Rescue Network:

Lots of surrenders last month.  At the event we took in 25 animals total.  We also had a few calls from around the area.  Wayne took in a HUGE pacu from a situation where the owners were being evicted and had nowhere else to go. 



Nothing to report.


Keeping track of volunteers was tricky since we had so many.  John will put together a better sign-in sheet so we can keep track of who is doing what. 


There were some issues with missing slips and missing numbers.  We will try to do better next time. 

We discussed having a large meal catered in instead of individual orders. 

Surrender Event

We had a pretty good turnout at the surrender event.  Three news outlets showed up so the word is getting out there about what we do. 


Green Bay Pet Expo

This was a very good event.  We were able to talk to quite a few people.

All About Fish with the Green Bay Aquarium Society

They would like to do this program again in the summer.



The tank project for Winneconne School District is coming along nicely.

Group Buy:

Next month’s group buy will be through Live Aquaria and Diver’s Den, an email will be sent to members with the details as the time grows closer. 

Old Business:

Donated Books:

 We donated a copy of “Conditioning, Spawning and Rearing of Fish with Emphasis on Marine Clownfish” each to the Kaukauna Library, Green Bay Library and Menasha Library. 


Mary purchased pens and distributed some. 

New Business:

Summer Picnic

We discussed some options for the Summer Picnic:

·         1000 Islands

·         Discovery World

·         Wisconsin Dells Ducks

·         DeYoung Family Zoo

·         Milwaukee Zoo

Details will be discussed at the next meeting and a vote will be held.

Parade of Homes 

Since we no longer meet in member’s homes, we do not really get an opportunity to “officially” check out each other’s fishrooms anymore.  John thought that it would be fun to do a “parade of homes” and hand out Awards for “Best Freshwater” “Best Saltwater” and “People’s Choice” based on participant’s votes.  John will organize a more complete concept and submit it at the May meeting.

Aquascaping Contest  

There had been some chatter about setting up an aquascaping contest.  The Green Bay Pet Expo would be the ideal venue for this. 

Open Forum

Seafood Watch has partnered with us to raise awareness of the concept of “sustainable seafood”.  We will be receiving handouts shortly.

We can receive a 10% discount off of a $500 purchase from Drs. Foster and Smith.

Door Prize

Mary won a gift card

Mini Auction

Nothing to Report


Meeting was adjourned at 8:25pm

The next meeting is at 1000 Islands Environmental Center.  Rosa will bring the main dish.