February Meeting Minutes

Meeting started at 7:01 PM on 02/08/17



AJ, John, Rosa, Mindy, Jessica, Ken, Scott, Noah, Travis, Dusty, Wayne, Chad, Lizzie, Bob, Kristin, Cindy, Lynn, Kim, Lon, Matt, Chris, were in attendance.


Evan, Gavin, and Heather were also in attendance

Meeting Minutes

John made a motion to approve minutes as read, Mindy seconded and the motion was carried.

Treasurer’s Report

There was no report available




Up and running



Donation letters will be going out in a few weeks, if you have any ideas about different companies that you would like to see donate to us, please let John know.



818 Likes on Facebook which is an increase of 41 over last month.  Maintaining the 5 star rating


New magazines were distributed.


Current BAP standings:

John: 660 points

Derrick: 172 points

Chad:  100 points
Noah – 25 points


Current HAP standings:

John: 415 points

Derrick: 55 points

Chad:  75 points


Current CAP standings:

John: 1010 points

Field Trips:

Past Trips

The Madison Area Reef Society held their swap on 1/14/17.  The members that went had a great time.

Upcoming Trips

GCCA Rare Fish Auction is to be held on 2/12/17.  There was not enough interest to head down as a field trip.

Milwaukee Aquarium Society Auction is scheduled for 3/5/17.  John Made a motion for a field trip, Chad seconded the motion and the motion passed.  Details will be shared via email in the coming weeks.

Rescue Network:

There is a Red-tailed catfish looking for a home, emails will be sent out. 
The next surrender event is coming up on March 11th.  Madison Area Herpetological Society and Roseberry Bird Rescue will be attending.


We are all set for the swap.   Duties have been assigned.


Nothing to report.

Group Buy:

The group buy through The Wet  Spot was a success.   

Next month’s group buy will be through Arizona Gardens, an email will be sent to members with the details as the time grows closer. 


Old Business:

Club Shirts

Club shirts were passed out.  If you did not attend the meeting, they will be brought to the swap.


Signs arrived from Fox Cities Sign and look amazing.  Dana did a really great job.


The Green Bay Library has asked us to speak about aquariums for kids and parents.  John found a fun craft that was appropriate for all age groups.  He will forward it to Mark.


New Business:

Alternate Meetings:

John brought up that people talk about not being able to make it to meetings and there was always one or two members that would like weekend or daytime meetings.  This made John think of opening different chapters in outlying areas.  He will look into it. 

Returning Members:

Article II, Section 4 of the Bylaws states that “Any member whose dues are unpaid two (2) months after becoming due shall be dropped from the rolls automatically.  Full payment of dues shall constitute reinstatement with the G.B.A.S. Members approval.”  The members present felt that, at this time and due to privacy concerns, the easiest way to gain “Members approval” was to do so by secret ballot.  AJ made a motion to vote via secret ballot for member approval for Scott G’s individual membership, Travis B’s individual membership, and Heather F-R’s family membership. Bob seconded the motion and Scott and Travis’s memberships had club approval to rejoin.  Heather’s family membership did not. 

Open Forum

John and Rosa talked about their trip to the Georgia Aquarium and Chattanooga Aquarium.

There is a new store opening in Oshkosh.

Door Prize

Chad won a gift basket

Breeder of the Quarter

John won a gift certificate

Mini Auction

John submitted dwarf hairgrass and Christmas tree moss


Meeting was adjourned at 8:40

The next meeting is at 1000 Islands Environmental Center