Green Bay Aquarium Society Auction Rules

1.       Seller Registration begins at 9:00 am. 


2.       The Auction starts at 10:30 am.


3.       Membership in GBAS is not required to buy or sell items. 


4.       Bag labels (tags) will be supplied by GBAS. 

a.       The following information must appear on each label: Seller #, Bag #, Quantity, and Description. 

b.      You may use the Automated Auction Sheets to fill in your bag labels.


5.       Proper bagging is required:  

a.       Fish should be double-bagged.  

b.      No zip locks, baggies or twist ties allowed. 

c.       Plastic buckets with lids are allowed for large or spiny fish. 

d.      GBAS will charge the seller a $1.00 fee for any lot that is not double bagged or needs re-bagging.


6.       All fish must be of sellable size:† Minimum of 1 inch, except in case of dwarf species.


7.       Auction Split:  (Selling Price - $1.00) ◊ 80% = Sellerís Share.

a.       Example: †If an item sells for $11, the seller will receive ($11.00 - $1.00) ◊ 80% = $8.00.

b.      The sellerís profit will be paid by check no later than four weeks after the auction.†


8.       The Seller Sheet containing sellerís name, address, and list of items to be auctioned must be turned in at the auction in order to receive payment.


9.       One seller number per seller, with a maximum of 40 lots.

a.       Only five (5) lots can be hard goods (if seller is not a GBAS member).

b.      A maximum of five (5) lots per species.  (A species includes all color morphs.) 

c.       GBAS members are allowed 10 hard good lots.


10.   All unclaimed items become the property of GBAS.


11.   Items cannot be removed from the auction after registration.


12.   No personal sales or trades of any kind will be allowed on auction premises without prior approval of an auction chairperson.


13.   Each item will be sold to highest bidder.   The minimum bid is $1, with $1 increments.  No reserve bids are allowed.


14.   There is a $2 priority bag system.For a $2 fee, a bidder may bring any item to the front of the auction.


15.   Prohibited or illegal species will not be sold.Any prohibited or illegal species will be removed from the auction at the discretion of the auction chairpersons.


16.   GBAS reserves the right to remove any patron who is disruptive or who is behaving in an unsafe manner.


17.   The Auctioneer will settle any disputes as to the bids, and his/her decision is final.


18.   All Rules will be strictly enforcedThose not adhering to the rules will be rejected.  The auction chairpersons or designated persons shall have sole authority over the interpretation and enforcement of all rules.



All persons attending this event do so at their own risk.  Neither the GBAS, its Officers, Members, the Starlite Club, nor any other persons connected with this event assume any responsibility or liability for any loss, damage or injury incurred in attending this event.