January Meeting Minutes

Meeting started at 7:01 PM on 1/11/17



Dan, John, Rosa, AJ, Dusty, Derrick, Chad, Ramsey, Heather, Jessica, Matt, Bob, Gracie, and Noah were in attendance

Meeting Minutes

The December minutes erroneously reported that the group buy was at Drs. Foster and Smith when in truth it was at The Wet Spot. 
John made a  motion to accept minutes as corrected, Chad seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer’s report was accepted as read.



Field Trips:

Past trips:

MAS Swap was fun.  It had slowed down by the time that the majority of members had arrived.  The shops we visited had interesting things with the nautilus at the Feedbag really catching the imagination.

Upcoming Trips

The Madison Area Reef Society is holding their swap on 1/14/17.  John made a motion to go there as a field trip, Bob seconded and the motion carried.

Rescue Network:

There were a few cichlids, a tetra and a pleco surrendered this month.  The pleco was then donated to 1000 Islands Environmental Center where it can eat algae to its heart’s desire in a 180 gallon tank.


Donations have been rolling in and we are off to a great start to the year.



We will be ordering “Chinese” raffle tickets and bidder cards next month.

Bidder cards will be laminated and paper will be available for writing.


Tables are filling up fast, make sure to get your registrations in if you would like a table.

There is a vendor that needs to buy 125 gallons of premixed saltwater.  John asked if anyone would like to sell saltwater for vendors.  AJ agreed to offer this service on his own so the club does not need to.

Volunteers positions were assigned:

Admission:  The Voight Family
Photographer:  Jessica
Raffle:  John

There are still some positions to be filled and an email will be sent out in that reguard.

Surrender Event:

Other rescue networks have been invited; Roseberry Bird Rescue is on board to be at the event.



Up and running


777 Likes on Facebook which is an increase of 24 over last month.  Maintaining the 5 star rating


Nothing to distribute


Current BAP standings:

John: 635 points

Derrick: 172 points

Chad:  100 points


Current HAP standings:

John: 415 points

Derrick: 55 points

Chad:  75 points


Current CAP standings:

John: 985 points



Nothing to report

Group Buy:

The Wet Spot order was a success, but weather delayed shipping.  The order will be placed next month.



Old Business:

Club Shirts

Club shirts will be ordered this month and be handed out at the February meeting or the swap meet.

National Clubs

We are officially MASNA members and are planning to submit a bid for MACNA at a later date.

The ACA is interested in holding a Cichlid Convention in Appleton and would like our help.  Potentially bidding for 2018-19.


Fox Cities Signs sent a quote to make our signs, the total for a 4’ table top display, 3’ retractable banner, a 2’ table top display and 2 yard signs is $534.65.  AJ made a motion to purchase the signs, Jessica seconded and the motion carried.

Green Bay Library Program

We tabled the ideas for the program until the next meeting.

Facebook Groups

John brought up setting up two Facebook Groups.  One specifically as a classified section for buying and selling and another specifically for discussion.  AJ made a motion to form two Facebook Groups, Jessica seconded and the motion carried.

New Business:

Flyer Contest

John had the idea to have a fun contest where people could take a picture with one of our flyers, tag GBAS, tag the location and use the hashtag #gbas.  The winner would be selected at random and the prize (valued at about $20) would be picked up at the swap.  After some discussion, John made a motion to adopt the contest, Rosa seconded the motion and the motion passed.

Door Prizes

With the sheer numbers of donations that the club receives, John thought it would be a good idea to provide a gift pack ($20 value) every month instead of gift cards.  Gift cards could still be used if no other prizes are available.  Chad made a motion to give out gift packs as a door prize, John seconded the motion and the motion carried.  

Open Forum

Seachem is offering to send us donations based off of the amount of money we donate to the Coral Restoration Foundation.  Considering that we are already donating money to them based off of the Spring Meeting a donation now would start the cycle of donations and receiving products to raffle off.  Derrick made a motion to donate $50 to the Coral Restoration Fund through this program.  AJ seconded the motion and the motion passed. 

There were lots of small conversations about fish and the state of the aquatic industry in the area. 

Door Prize

Dan won a gift certificate

Mini Auction

John submitted Hap. sp. ‘Tomato’

Noah submitted 2 bags of cichlids


Meeting was adjourned at 7:45

The next meeting is at 1000 Islands Environmental Center