December Meeting Minutes

Meeting started at 7:01 PM on 12/14/16



Mark, Robbie, Mary, Ken, Matt, Jessica, Lizzie, Lynn, Cindy, Bob V., Kristen, Wayne, Richard, Robert, John and Rosa were in attendance.

Meeting Minutes

John made a motion to approve minutes as read, Ken seconded and the motion was carried.

Treasurerís Report

The treasurerís report was accepted as read.




Donation letters will be going out in a few weeks, if you have any ideas about different companies that you would like to see donate to us, please let John know.



Up and running


735 Likes on Facebook which is an increase of 8 over last month.† Maintaining the 5 star rating


New magazines were distributed.


Current BAP standings:

John: 635 points

Derrick: 172 points

Chad:† 100 points


Current HAP standings:

John: 415 points

Derrick: 55 points

Chad:† 75 points


Current CAP standings:

John: 985 points

Field Trips:

Upcoming Trips

The Milwaukee Aquarium Society is holding their winter swap on 1/8/17.† John made a motion to go there on a field trip with stops at local shops along the way.† Ken seconded the motion and the motion passed.

The Madison Area Reef Society is holding their swap on 1/14/17.† We tabled the vote until next month.


John made a floorplan for the swap; there is room for about 50 tables.† Vendors are already signing up.

Rosa brought up buying coffee and donuts for vendors during set up.†


Wayne is working with Winneconne School District on putting an aquarium in the library.† John made a motion to reimburse Wayne up to another $200 for a total of $500 for construction of a tank and stand.† Kristen seconded and the motion passed.

John brought up the idea of partnering with organizations and holding cookouts and matching funds for when doing focused projects like this.†

Group Buy:

There were not enough participants for the club to sponsor last monthís group buy.†

Next monthís group buy will be through The Wet Spot, an email will be sent to members with the details as the time grows closer.†

Rescue Network:

There were some koi surrendered this month.†


Old Business:


John made a motion to donate the funds from select auction lots and raffle items to The Coral Restoration Foundation in Spring and Pets in the Classroom in Fall.† Ken seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Club Shirts

Club shirts will be ordered before the Swap Meet in February.†† If you do not have a shirt, would like to switch out an old one, or would like another article of clothes screen printed please let Rosa know by the January meeting.

National Clubs

John made a motion to join the Marine Aquarium Society of North America for $50 for a 1 year membership.† Jessica seconded and the motion carried.† ††


John contacted Dana at Fox Cities Signs to make our signs, he requested a quote for a tabletop sign explaining what we do and a vertical banner to display our logo.†††

New Business:

Facebook Groups:

John brought up setting up two Facebook Groups.† One specifically as a classified section for buying and selling and another specifically for discussion.† This would offer a valuable resource for the club and the community since we no longer have a forum.†


John looked into setting up an Amazon account for the club so we can sell items online and have them sent out through Amazon fulfillment.† It would be something worth doing as long as we kept the warehouse inventory low.† The treasurer would have to open the account and link it to the clubís bank account for transparency reasons.


The Green Bay Library has asked us to speak about aquariums for kids and parents.† We would like some ideas for crafts and other projects for this program.† Put on your thinking caps and let us know your ideas by the January meeting.†

Open Forum

Small conversations involving fish care.

Door Prize

Kristin won a gift certificate

Mark Z won a betta aquarium and fish food

Mini Auction

Nothing was auctioned


Meeting was adjourned at 8:20

The next meeting is at 1000 Islands Environmental Center