November Meeting Minutes

Meeting started at 7:02 PM on 11/09/16



Derrick, Noah, Mary, John, Ken, Rosa, Matt, Jessica, Bob, Kristen, Paul, Ron, Wayne, Robbie, and Mark were in attendance.

Meeting Minutes

John made a motion to approve minutes as read, Ron seconded and the motion was carried.

Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer’s report was accepted as read.




Mary reviewed Fall Auction numbers

Spring Auction date was reserved at the Starlite Club

John brought up earmarking money from select auction lots to the Coral Foundation in spring and Pets in the Classroom in fall.



Up and running


No report available 


New magazines were distributed.


Current BAP standings:

John: 635 points

Derrick: 172 points

Chad:  100 points


Current HAP standings:

John: 415 points

Derrick: 55 points

Chad:  75 points


Current CAP standings:

John: 985 points

Field Trips:

Past Trips

The Aquatic Experience – Chicago was a lot of fun.  The people that attended had a great time and met a lot of people.  John reserved a table for next year.

Upcoming Trips


John would like to discontinue asking for a deposit and instead ask for a nonrefundable table fee of $20.

John would like to ask for a $2 donation for admittance to the swap meet.  He would also like to donate that money to Project Piaba, a 501c-3 non-profit organization dedicated to developing a sustainable commercial fishery in the Rio Negro region of Brazil.

Mary made a motion to discontinue the deposit, ask for $2 at the door, and donate the admittance to Project Piaba.  Matt Seconded the motion and the motion passed.



Wayne is working with Winneconne School District on putting an aquarium in the library.  John made a motion to donate a $200 gift certificate from Just Pets and reimburse up to $300 for the construction of a stand.  Rosa seconded and the motion passed.

Group Buy:

There were not enough participants for the club to sponsor last month’s group buy. 

Next month’s group buy will be through Drs. Foster and Smith an email will be sent to members with the details as the time grows closer. 

Rescue Network:

John would like to hold another rescue event the day before the Spring Auction. 


Old Business:


Dues are past due, if they are not turned in by next meeting, you will be dropped from the roster.


Club Shirts

Club shirts will be ordered before the Swap Meet in February.   If you do not have a shirt, would like to switch out an old one, or would like another article of clothes screen printed please let Rosa know by the January meeting.


National Clubs

John and Rosa spoke with representatives from MACNA and the ACA.  They seemed interested in partnering with GBAS in holding a convention.  John and Rosa will keep in touch and find out what it entails. 

New Business:

Green Bay Pet Expo:

John was invited to set up a table at the Green Bay Pet Expo in March with the people from Habitattitude.  He is seeing how many passes he can get for the club if anyone would like to volunteer.

Box Swap:

Rosa was talking with the people from the Ladies Frag Club about setting up a box swap.  We would send them a box of corals and they would send us a box of corals.  Rosa will follow up with them about that.


John would like to look into setting up an Amazon account for the club so we can sell items online and have them sent out through Amazon fulfillment.

Gift Exchange:

Next month is the annual gift exchange.  If you would like to participate, please bring a wrapped gift ($10 limit) to the December Meeting. 


The Green Bay Library has asked us to speak about aquariums for kids and parents.  We would like some ideas for crafts and other projects for this program.  Put on your thinking caps and let us know your ideas by the January meeting. 

Open Forum

Small conversations involving fish care.

Door Prize

Wayne won

Mini Auction

Nothing was auctioned


Meeting was adjourned at 8:20

The next meeting is at 1000 Islands Environmental Center