Section 1 –

The membership shall consist of Junior and Adult Members.

A.      Junior members, ages eight (8) to fourteen (14), inclusive, shall not have the right to vote but may participate in Society activities and discussion.

B.      Junior Members, ages fifteen (15) to seventeen (17), inclusive, shall have the right to vote in accordance with adult members and may participate in Society activities and discussions.  However, such members may not hold office in this Society as set forth in Article IV of the G.B.A.S. Constitution.

C.      Adult Members, ages (18) and over, who have paid adult dues, may provide general or specific instructions for G.B.A.S. Members and shall have the authority to alter or reverse any decision of the G.B.A.S. Membership by a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the Adult and eligible Junior Members in attendance.

Section 2 – New Members.

A.      Candidates for Membership may join the Society upon attending a regular meeting accompanied by the prescribed dues.

B.      Candidates for membership may have the option to attend Society meetings for a trial period not to exceed two (2) meetings after which they must be accompanied by the prescribed dues upon attending.

Section 3 – Expulsion.

A.      Any Member who deliberately violates the Constitution or By-Laws or willfully brings injury or discredit to the Society may be charged with misconduct.

B.      Charges of misconduct of a Member shall be presented in writing to the G.B.A.S. President.  Expulsion shall be by two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the G.B.A.S. Membership.

C.      Reinstatement, after a period of three (3) months, may be permitted by the G.B.A.S. Membership after payment of one (1) year’s dues.


Section 1 –

There shall be no initiation dues.

Section 2 –

Dues shall be payable annually at the October meeting for current Members, but will be pro-rated to the date of membership for new Members.

Section 3 –

Annual dues rates shall be reviewed and determined annually by the G.B.A.S. Membership at the October meeting.  The dues rates shall be published in the G.B.A.S. flyer.

Section 4 –

Any member whose dues are unpaid two (2) months after becoming due shall be dropped from the rolls automatically.  Full payment of dues shall constitute reinstatement with the G.B.A.S. Members approval.

Section 5 –

No cancellation or refund of dues shall be made.


Section 1 –

A nominating committee, whose chairman shall be appointed by the President, shall present a slate of nominees for officers to the Membership at the regular meeting one (1) month prior to the annual meeting.  Additional nominations may be made from the floor at these times, after which nominations will be closed.

Section 2 –

Officers of this Society shall be elected by a majority written ballot of Members in attendance at the regular annual meeting.

Section 3 –

Officers shall take office at the first meeting following the regular annual meeting; both incoming and outgoing officers shall attend this meeting.

Section 4 –

Officers shall serve for a term of one (1) year or until their successor is elected.


Section 1 –

Vacancy of an Officers position shall be filled by election of the Members present at the next regular meeting.


Section 1 – Order of Business. 

The order of business shall be:

A.      Call to Order.

B.      Minutes of last meeting.

C.      Reports of officers and committees, if any.

D.      Old business.

E.       New business.

F.       Program.

G.     Adjournment of meeting.

Section 2 –

The parliamentary authority for this Society shall be Roberts Rules of Order, Revised, except as otherwise provided for in the Constitution and By-Laws.


Section 1 –

A majority of the votes cast shall be required to adopt a motion at Society meetings.

Section 2 – Method of voting:

A.      Voting shall be by voice, except when voting for office, at which Time the vote shall be by secrete ballot.

B.      Any Adult Member wishing to vote by proxy at elections or on changes in the Constitution and By-Laws, shall submit to an Officer, in writing, the name of his/her proxy before the meeting at which the vote is taken.  The proxy will become valid upon approval of the G.B.A.S. Membership.


Section 1 –

The standing committees shall be those necessary for the smooth operation of the Society as determined by the G.B.A.S. Membership.

A.      Program – The meeting Host/Hostess shall be in charge of the Entertainment and activities following the business at the regular meetings.

B.      Project – The project chairman shall be in charge of the placing And care of the aquariums sponsored by the Society.

C.      Librarian – The Librarian shall:

1.       Have custody of all publications, which are or become the property of the Society.

2.       Maintain this material in a manner approved by the Society.

3.       Shall release to members any library materials signed for, for no longer than a one (1) month period.

4.       Make current periodicals and other requested materials available at regular meetings.  Members shall reimburse the Society for any damage to materials, and any materials not returned after two (2) months shall be deemed lost and paid for by the member responsible.

Section 2 –

All requests for general funds shall be submitted by the committee chairman to the G.B.A.S. Membership.

Section 3 –

All records and materials shall be forwarded to the Secretary for safekeeping.


Revised August 1996