Dues are $12 for individuals, $18 for couples or two family members, and $24 for families, payable in October.  New members may join at any time, and the dues will be prorated.


Benefits of Membership

  • The ability to borrow books and magazines from the GBAS library
  • Recognition and prizes for breeding aquatic life (our BAP program)
  • A greater share of the proceeds when you sell items at our auctions (if you attend meetings regularly), and the ability to sell more hard goods than non-members are allowed
  • Free food when you help at one of our auctions
  • A free club shirt
  • The chance to win a door prize worth at least $15 when you attend a meeting
  • Fun money you can spend at our spring auction, earned by attending meetings, holding an office, or doing other work for the club
  • Annual club picnic, with a free meal for you and your family
  • Club field trips
  • Last but not least, the chance to spend time with other people who love aquatic life forms

How to Join

Simply attend a club meeting, fill out a membership application there, and pay your dues.  You can download the GBAS Membership Application form in advance.  You may need Adobe Reader, which you can download for free here .  Everyone is welcome!