Death by Dye

Ending the Sale of Dyed Fish Nationwide and Around the World

In the aquarium hobby, most people are attracted to brightly colored fish to keep in home aquaria.  Unfortunately for some fish, these bright colors can come at a high price.  Certain fish in the pet trade are artificially colored using harsh dyes and even permanent tattoos. To learn more, please see our article, Death by Dye.

The Green Bay Aquarium Society is calling for an end to this cruel and unnecessary practice.  We ask that retailers stop selling these fish and that consumers stop buying them.

If you are a retailer and would like to join us in our campaign to End Death by Dye, please download, sign, and return our End Death by Dye Pledge Form.  We will add your business to our online registry, Retail Partners, and we will provide you with a poster to display.

If you are a consumer, we ask you to patronize those Retail Partners that have signed our pledge.  Should you see artificially colored fish or other livestock offered for sale, please do not purchase them!  Instead, politely ask the store personnel to visit our website to learn more about this subject, and hopefully, to join us in our campaign to End Death by Dye.