Best Practices

Understand the Auction Rules.

Arrive early.  This allows you to check in, look around, and get good seats.

Bring cash or your checkbook, as credit cards are not accepted.

Have your ID out when registering for your buyer number.

Keep a list of items you are interested in.  Record the seller number, item number, and description.

Know what you are buying.  Some items may not work.  Some creatures may not cohabitate.  Please do your research.

Make sure the auctioneer can see you.  It helps to sit in the middle of the room when you are bidding.  If there is no seating or you are not in your seat, walk to the back of the room.  If the auctioneer cannot see you, you might get missed.

When bidding, hold your bidder card up THE ENTIRE TIME.  The only time you should put your bidder card down is if you are done bidding.  If you keep popping it up and down, it is confusing to the auctioneer and you might get missed.